Experience the Swedish seasons with us!

Sweden is known for its harsh weather – lots of snow, wind, freezing temperatures during those winter months november to march. This is the time for warm clothes, hot chocolate, skiing, ice skating but also board games and other nice indoor activities.

When Spring begins to peek out of hiding Sweden starts waking up. The parks filled with sunbathers eating ice cream and people grilling and picnicking. An amazing feeling to feel the warm sun on your skin after months of the dark and cold.

Ah those summer nights… And those sunny days, swimming in lakes, celebrating midsummer and crayfish parties. In the summertime, you can enjoy warm temperatures of about 20-30 degrees i Sweden. When it rains just put your rain clothes on and enjoy the local sites!

“Winter is coming” Autumn means shorter days and but its something about it that makes people fall in love with this season. The falling leaves from the trees and the changing colours, and of course it’s a good excuse to have some “höstmys” (roughly translated, autumn coziness) and drink some more coffee in the candle light.

Karta Knivsta