Discover the originals! Björksta – more than an IKEA picture with frame

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When you feel like resting your eyes on something pretty, you could either put up a Björksta picture or visit Björksta the village outside the town Knivsta.

Björksta is located about 3 kilometers south of Knivsta urban area. Knivsta’s old church, or Saint Stephen’s Church, was built in the 14th century and is located south of the town center.

In Björksta there is also Rönnbäck’s home bakery with good buns and sweet bread!

Close to the city of Uppsala

Its close to the vibrant university town of Uppsala, north of Stockholm. Wherever you walk in Uppsala you’ll be treading on historic ground. If you are interested in the Vikings, there are plenty of ancient Viking monuments.

Take a walk on Eriksleden, the pilgrims’ path between the cathedral in central Uppsala and the church in Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala).

Or visit the royal burial mounds, not far from the original Björksta.

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The royal burial mounds in Uppsala

One of Sweden’s largest and most important burial sites, Gamla Uppsala (4km north of Uppsala) contains 300 mounds from the 6th to 12th centuries. The earliest are also the three most impressive.

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